About Us

Our History

ABV Rock Group Company Limited originates from the company Armerad Betong Vägförbättringar which was founded 1918 in Sweden. In 1974 ABV registered and opened a branch in Saudi Arabia, with the main office in Jeddah and a branch in Yanbu.

During the mid 1980 the Government of Saudi Arabia decided to implement a nationwide Strategic Storage Program and ABV Rock Group was contracted for the execution. The Saudi Strategic Storage Program, SSSP, commenced in 1987 and was completed and handed over 22 years later in 2010.


When the Saudi Strategic Storage Program was nearing its completion the company ABV Rock Group Company Limited was registered for an initial period of 20 years in the field of General Contracting. Today we’re executing a number of projects in the King Saud University and other areas in and around Riyadh. You can read more about the details under Current Projects.

Mission Statement

To be a leading Contracting Company in the region serving:

  1. All its prestigious CLIENTS delivering them all projects on time maintaining the highest level of credibility, quality; safety, innovation and sense of commitment to foster durable business relationship;
  2. All its valued EMPLOYEES providing them with the safe, rewarding, learning and enjoyable working environment that ensures their growth, development and long term association with the organization;
  3. All its key SUPPLIERS providing them the sense of strong and durable business association in order to cultivate a team approach where experience is applied with dedicated enthusiasm.
  4. All its esteemed SHAREHOLDERS to meet and exceed their expectations and return value of their investment.

Vision Statement

  1. Building on Trust (Recommended)
  2. Constructing Tomorrow
  3. Erecting New Heights

Corporate Objectives



Strictly adhere to the targeted projects completion time-line



Achieve targeted net profit margins from the current projects to increase Share-holders’ value



Attract, develop and retain competent workforce to enhance efficiencies and improve individual and organizational performances

Core Values